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Thea: the Awakening (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon June 22, 2017
It is somewhat difficult to review Thea: the Awakening for the simple reason that it is unlike almost any other game. It combines elements of an RPG, 4X strategy game, base management simulator, and card battler together to create an experience that is certainly different from most other games you are likely to have played […]

Dirt 4 (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon June 21, 2017
Codemasters have had something of a privileged position over the last decade and a half when it comes to racing games. They have had much recent success with the likes of their F1 titles but it is their rally games that have really marked them out as one of the premium racing developers. After all, […]

Samurai Jack: The Fifth Season Review

by Peter Paltridgeon May 25, 2017
Samurai Jack has finished his journey. One of the top-drawer quality cartoons of the 2000’s was given its long-overdue wrap-up as of last Sunday, thanks to an opening in creator Genndy Tartakovsky’s schedule and the willingness of Adult Swim to spend the money. Minus a brief break on April Fool’s Day, ten new episodes of […]

Seasons After Fall (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon May 25, 2017
Out of all of the genres available in the gaming industry, the 2D sidescrolling platformer has seen the biggest boost from the advent of indie developers. What was once a dying art form has become the go-to field for small studios looking to make their mark in the world. In that respect, Seasons After Fall […]

Planetbase (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon May 12, 2017
Despite the ever increasing library of ID@Xbox titles that are making their way to Xbox one, there is still one genre that is somewhat underrepresented. Planetbase is set to change that, with the strategy simulation game giving players the chance to set up their very own space colony. The game originally released on PC back […]

Crawl (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon April 30, 2017
Like many other indie games that have come out in the past few years, Crawl looks very much like a retro game thanks to its low-resolution pixelated look. While this is a common enough design choice to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, the developers behind this game have seemed to choose it to fit in […]

Late Shift (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon April 29, 2017
Full motion video (FMV) games have never had a particularly good history. While they were somewhat popular during the early 90s, they never established themselves as a genre that had staying power or a mark of quality. They have begun to make something of a resurgence recently thanks to new technology allowing high quality footage […]

Chime Sharp (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon March 29, 2017
Chime Sharp is the successor to the 2010 puzzle game Chime, which released on the Xbox 360 as well as a number of other platforms. It follows the same basic rules and has a similar appearance but has been expanded and upgraded in several key areas. With the multitude of puzzlers available across the Xbox […]

Kill the Bad Guy (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon March 17, 2017
Modern day games tend to avoid being overly blunt wherever possible, with titles that do little to let you know what they are actually about. Kill the Bad Guy does not suffer from that problem. It tells you from the get go exactly what the game is and what you will be doing in it. […]

Metrico+ (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon March 16, 2017
From the very first instance of starting up Metrico, it is clear that it is a very minimalist experience. The visuals are sparse, the controls simplified, and the gameplay rather basic. Even the entire premise of the title is minimal, with you being charged with manipulating the world to overcome obstacles using your own movement […]

Developer Apologizes After Threatening Websites With Review Blacklist

by Nathan Gibsonon January 18, 2017
Developer BadFly Interactive has apologized and admitted it they “screwed it” after they sent out an email to websites threatening to blacklist them from future games if they posted negative reviews of their recently released title Dead Effect 2. The game, which released last week on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, was publicized to […]

Yesterday Origins (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon December 18, 2016
The point-and-click adventure genre ruled the early 1990s, with games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango selling millions of copies and becoming staples of the industry. However, the boom wasn’t to last and it soon became clear than these types of adventure games were becoming less popular compared to their more action […]