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E3 2017: Microsoft Blasts Sony For Cross-Play Remarks

by Todd Blackon June 15, 2017
At E3 2017, several games were revealed to be cross-play compatible. Mainly Minecraft and Rocket League, both of which are on, or will be on, Nintendo Switch, and thus players can play with others on that console too. However, Sony declined to take part in this Cross-Play opportunity, citing that they wanted to keep their […]


E3 2017: Sony Talks Blocking Cross-Play

by Todd Blackon June 14, 2017
There were some major surprises in terms of cross-platform play at E3 2017. Minecraft was revealed to be getting a free “unified edition” that would allow players on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and all mobile platforms to play together. Then, Rocket League was announced for Nintendo Switch, and would also support Cross-play between Xbox […]

E3 2017: New God Of War Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2017
The God Of War series has had some ups and downs. While the main games in the series have been seen as masterpieces, their spinoff weren’t given as much love. But now, they may be making their biggest move yet with the next God Of War. As we see an older Kratos and his young […]

E3 2017: Spider-Man Game Gets Massive Demo

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2017
Ever since last year, people have been wondering how the Insomniac Games version of Spider-Man would play. It was very much a surprise title when it was unveiled at E3 2016, and there’s been virtually no details given for it, until now. At the Sony Press Conference at E3 2017, they ended the show with […]

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Your E3 2017 Schedule

by Peter Paltridgeon June 9, 2017
E3 is almost here! Who will be releasing the big news first, and when? This is the order in which the world’s top game makers will be showing off their goods. June 10: EA Games 12 p.m. PDT / 3 p.m. EDT Expected: Chatter about their bread-and-butter sports titles (Madden, FIFA), the next Need For […]

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An Alternate Cut Of Spider-Man 3 Was Sold For One Day

by Peter Paltridgeon May 29, 2017
Something weird happened over the weekend: a brand-new cut of Spider-Man 3 appeared on Amazon, then disappeared from the marketplace a day later. This so-called “Editor’s Cut” runs a little bit shorter, uses new music cues and has alternate takes of scenes. Then it was gone. There’s an explanation for this bizarre occurrence: a giant […]

Sony Wants A Venom Movie Out Next Year

by Peter Paltridgeon March 17, 2017
Out of nowhere, Sony Pictures announced (via Variety)¬†that they now have a movie on their schedule based around the Spider-Man character Venom, and it’s penciled in to come out in less than two years — October 5, 2018 to be precise. Hollywood has been trying to make a Venom movie ever since the character first […]

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Sony Pictures Plans To Kill Robin Hood

by Peter Paltridgeon March 6, 2017
Is it time for another Robin Hood movie already? The last one starred Russell Crowe and came out in 2010. Seems a bit too early to hit the recycle button, but this is Sony Pictures we’re talking about, the company that would give us 15 SpiderMen in three years if they could. Another Robin Hood? […]

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Everything We Know About Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

by Peter Paltridgeon December 15, 2016
Resident Evil is the name of a popular action-horror video game series, and it’s also the name of a long string of movies that are ostensibly based on the games, but are actually tales of fanfiction some guy is writing about his wife. Paul W.S. Anderson has written and directed all the Resident Evil movies, […]

Last Of Us Film At Standstill

by Todd Blackon November 17, 2016
The video games are made nowadays, it’s not surprising that so many of them are turned into major motion pictures. And while many don’t work, or make much money, there are a few surprises, as well as adaptations that hopefully will live up to the games they’re based off of. One such hopeful title was […]

Black Friday 2016: Toys R Us And Target

by Peter Paltridgeon November 15, 2016
With the release of Toys R Us and Target’s Black Friday sales ads, we now know what all the major retailers will be discounting game-wise on the fateful hour, which is now nine days away. Like all the others, Toys R Us is selling the Playstation 4 and Xbox One for $250. The sale applies […]

Some Games Run Better On Standard Console Rather Than PS4 Pro

by Nathan Gibsonon November 15, 2016
According to a number of reports from various outlets online, certain titles are running worse on the PlayStation 4 Pro compared to the standard PlayStation 4 console. Most notably, Watch Dogs 2 has been singled out for underperforming on the hardware in comparison to what players would have expected. While the game does maintain a […]