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Neill Blomkamp Working On Mysterious Sci-Fi Project

by Peter Paltridgeon May 29, 2017
Recently Ridley Scott crushed director Neill Blomkamp’s dreams of making an Alien sequel into the dust. What was the man to do but carry onward? He announced a new project today, and it’s quite different for him: a series of mini-movies being created exclusively for the Steam platform. That’s right, the online marketplace traditionally known […]

Will Alan Wake Truly Be Gone Forever Next Week?

by Peter Paltridgeon May 12, 2017
Just about every news site you visit has probably already informed you that Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft’s Alan Wake is about to be yanked from Steam and the XBox Games Store. Apparently a licensing deal for several pre-recorded tunes used in the game’s soundtrack is about to expire, and once it does on May 15, […]

As Of Today, Bayonetta Is On PC

by Peter Paltridgeon April 11, 2017
She’s vampy, she’s stylish, she’s powerful, and now she’s Steam-y in more ways than one. The original Bayonetta has an official PC port, and it looks great. Sega’s 2010 action game now supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD at 3840×2160, as well as other extra graphical enhancements including scalable texture and shadow quality. If […]

DayZ Creator Reveals Next Project Stationeers

by Nathan Gibsonon March 30, 2017
Dean Hall, the mastermind behind the incredibly popular DayZ, has announced his next game. It is set to be a space station simulator, titled Stationeers, following on from his canceled space similar Ion. The game will take inspiration from Space Station 13 and is due to for release through early access on steam in the […]

Rain World Comes To PS4 In Two Weeks

by Peter Paltridgeon March 14, 2017
In a fortnight, Rain World will be upon us. The 2D exploration/survival game from Videocult and Adult Swim Games casts you as a mutant animal in a land of mutant animals. They don’t call it “Rain World” for nothing — a big storm is coming and you’ve got to run, climb, hide and hunt to […]

pixel noir

Pixel Noir: When Retro Gets Hard-Boiled

by Peter Paltridgeon February 21, 2017
Indie developers BadLand Games and SWDTech Games have been working on a different kind of retro-visual game for the past six years. Titled Pixel Noir, it’s an RPG that avoids all the typical RPG cliches by casting itself in a new genre: the opposite of fantasy, detective noir. Pixel Noir puts you in the shoes […]

shift happens

Shift Happens On Steam Next Week

by Peter Paltridgeon February 15, 2017
Shift Happens is the name of a cool-looking co-op puzzler from Klonk Games that will arrive on Steam and XBox One next week. Two players take control of Bismo and Plom, two jelly blob creatures that were joined together in a freak accident and must work together to escape 40 levels filled with puzzles and […]

Valve Not Interested In Making Console Games

by Todd Blackon February 13, 2017
Valve is famous for many, many things, and yes, video games are one of them. When you think of Valve you think of Portal, Team Fortress, and of course, Half-Life. All of these were able to be played on both PC and consoles. Yet, as time has gone on, the team at Valve have pulled […]

Lightspeed Frontier To Hit Steam March 7th

by Todd Blackon February 8, 2017
A new game is set to hit Steam Early Access next year, one that likens itself to LEGO, while also adding a lot of RPG and exploration elements. It’s called Lightspeed Frontier, here’s the description: Lightspeed Frontier lets you build a spaceship by selecting the parts you need (armor, mini-guns, thrusters, shield, etc.), and then […]

Fallout 4’s 55GB Texture Pack Is Now Available

by Nathan Gibsonon February 7, 2017
Following on from Bethesda’s promise to release a free high-resolution pack for players, the publisher has now made the download available for PC owners of the game. The pack is a whopping 55GB in size and makes the textures in the game appear a lot crisper when close up, presumably thanks to the fact that […]

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone On Greenlight

by Todd Blackon February 3, 2017
A new game has hit Steam Greenlight today, and it needs your support to get onto the popular gaming platform. Clone Drone In The Danger Zone is an indie third-person arena sword fighter that puts your mind inside a robot gladiator. Your former body has been vaporized. Your sword is sharp. Lose a fight and […]


Puzzle Game Linelight Available On Steam/PS4

by Todd Blackon January 31, 2017
A new puzzle game has hit Steam and PS4, one that aims to test your mind, and your way of viewing puzzles. This is the world of Linelight. But what is Linelight exactly? Well, the game is set in a world made entirely of lines, Linelight’s 300 levels and six worlds are woven with Zen-like […]