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It’s Finally Possible To 3D Print A House

by Peter Paltridgeon March 16, 2018
3D printers can do a number of things now… was only a matter of time before they started spitting out houses. ICON, an Austin-based startup, has figured out how to do just that. ICON claims their technology can print up a livable structure in just 24 hours, or even less, for a cost of just […]


Microsoft Takes Aim At Professional Artists With Surface Studio

by Peter Paltridgeon October 27, 2016
First there was the original Surface, Microsoft’s entry into the tablet-laptop hybrid market. Everyone was convinced they’d just released their next Zune or Windows Phone, but this time MS had a smarter strategy in mind. They found a market that Apple wasn’t chasing — artists — and started appealing to them with commercials about people […]

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The Self-Driving Truck Has Finally Happened

by Peter Paltridgeon October 26, 2016
I remember reading a news story about a month ago that said there was a shortage of truck drivers now, mainly because the younger generation wasn’t showing any interest in such a career. It really isn’t any mystery why. We’ve been told for several years that self-driving cars are going to be a thing, so […]

Some Thoughts On Google Reader’s Impending Death

by Karl Olsonon March 14, 2013
With out much fanfare, and in spite of the fact that Google has various other vestigial services and products that haven’t gained any mainstream adoption or traction (Google+ is being crushed by Tumblr for coolness, and on that note, why isn’t Orkut jammed into Google+ yet?) the company has decided to kill one of my […]

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Nintendo Aquires Mobiclip!

by Andy Whitefieldon February 12, 2012
Hmm…. Now why would they acquire a Research and Development center?