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Reverb Publishing Signs Deal with Coffee Stain Studios to Publish Sanctum 2

by 1Robert Strickon February 7, 2012
Fresh off the runaway success of Dungeon Defenders (which recently surpassed 1 million units sold across all platforms), digital experts Reverb Publishing today announced a partnership with the veteran development team at Coffee Stain Studios to publish the PC, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network version of Sanctum 2, the sequel to its incredibly popular PC […]

PlayStation US Store Update – 1/31/12

by Dean Amondon January 31, 2012
Puddle and the Kane & Lynch series make their way to the PSN in this week’s PlayStation Store update!

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Jose Bautista Announced As Cover Athlete for Canadian Edition of MLB ’12: The Show

by Dean Amondon January 30, 2012
Blue Jays slugger to be the first Canadian exclusive cover athlete for MLB: The Show!

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Nintendo Announce New 3DS Mario Side-Scoller

by Andy Whitefieldon January 27, 2012
It wasn’t all boring sales reports in the investors briefing….  

PlayStation European Store Update – 1/25/12

by Dean Amondon January 25, 2012
A huge sale on the Final Fantasy series highlights this week’s European PlayStation Store update!


Quarrel Dominates Xbox LIVE Arcade Today

by Andy Whitefieldon January 25, 2012
Accomplish total word domination in Quarrel, the award-winning word conquest game now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade

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Kingdoms of Amalur Demo Impressions

by Daniel Flatton January 19, 2012
Kingdoms of Amalur has to be one of my most anticipated games this year. Needless to say when the demo came out on Xbox Live I snapped it up and impatiently waited for the two gigabyte download to complete. Check out our hands-on of the demo.

PlayStation US Store Update – 1-17-12

by Dean Amondon January 17, 2012
Zack Zero and a new Uncharted 3 map pack highlight this week’s PlayStation Store update!

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Reggie: “Wii topping out, Wii U More Than Just HD”

by Andy Whitefieldon January 14, 2012
Reggie Fils-aime has spoken about the Wii’s leveling sales and the impending launch of the Wii U…

PlayStation US Store Update – 1/10/12

by Dean Amondon January 10, 2012
Choplifter HD and Sports Champions as well as not one but, TWO new video apps highlight this week’s PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation US Store Update – 1/3/12

by Dean Amondon January 3, 2012
NFL Blitz and Darksiders headline this week’s PlayStation Store update!

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The Indie Humble Bundle 4 ends after bringing in 2.3 million

by Aaron Lockardon December 27, 2011
The fourth Indie Humble Bundle ended today having brought in 2.3 MILLION dollars!