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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Executive Producer Says There’s Big Plans For Season 09

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2018
The Walking Dead is in an interesting place as a TV show. Despite it still being one of the most popular shows on TV, it has been seeing declines in its ratings. What’s more, this season brought a lot of controversy with the death of fan-favorite character Carl Grimes (who’s still alive in the comic) […]

Overkill's The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Maya Trailer

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2018
The Walking Dead universe is one that has been explored, but not fully revealed, even in the comics, there are new elements and people who still being introduced. And now, via the new upcoming video game¬†Overkill’s The Walking Dead, we’re going to get an even deeper look at the world that Robert Kirkman created. And […]

Walking Dead

Walking Dead Actor Reveals He Wanted Asked To Be Killed Early

by Todd Blackon March 27, 2018
The Walking Dead on AMC is known for many things. It’s one of the greatest comic adaptations of all time, it’s a ratings beast, and it’s a show that doesn’t mind diverging from the source material (the Image comic) when it wants to/needs to. However, the show has not been without a lot of controversy. […]

Walking Dead

Chandler Riggs “Very Happy” With Ending For Carl In Walking Dead

by Todd Blackon February 25, 2018
For months, Walking Dead fans have dreaded the arrival of the midseason premiere for Season 08. Because this premiere would mark the end of the life of fan-favorite character Carl Grimes. The death was a major swerve to the narrative of the show, as the character is still alive in the comics. And reports flooded […]

Walking Dead

There Is No “Immunity” On The Walking Dead

by Todd Blackon February 3, 2018
One of the biggest things a story can do, regardless of its medium, is kill of a character who is important to the story. Now, yes, sometimes that character is a villain, and you can argue they’re supposed to die. But other times, it’s a protagonist, or a supporting character that bites the bullet, and […]

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Showrunner Gets Promoted

by Todd Blackon January 13, 2018
The Walking Dead is still a big hit on AMC, and as such, the network has not only renewed the show for a ninth season, they’ve decided to promote current showrunner Scott Gimple to a Chief Creative Officer position. One that will oversee the “Walking Dead Universe”, which could mean that we’re getting another spinoff […]

Walking Dead

Walking Dead Fans Are Protesting Carl Grimes’ Death

by Todd Blackon December 16, 2017
Something that must be started about certain fanbases is that when a show or film follows popular and well known source material, certain things are expected. Now, they do understand that not everything can be the same, as that would be very hard to do, but certain things are thought to be “sacred”. For the […]

The Walking Dead Collection

The Walking Dead Collection Comparison Trailer!

by Todd Blackon November 30, 2017
It may be hard to believe, but TellTale Games first launched their Walking Dead saga back in 2012. Since then, video games have evolved quite a bit, and so, with the final season of the series coming next year, the team decided to do something special. They were going to combine every single episode from […]

The Walking Dead

Daryl Versus Rick Coming In Walking Dead?

by Todd Blackon November 5, 2017
Walking Dead’s eighth season is now a couple episodes in, and “All Out War” is pushing some very interesting storylines into the mix. While the Rick vs. Negan war is paramount no doubt, there are subtler stories starting to form. And, with the latest episode in the books, Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) went […]

Walking Dead: The TellTale Games Collection Arriving Dec. 5th

by Todd Blackon November 1, 2017
The Walking Dead is a massive multi-media phenomenon. It started out as a hit comic book, and then became a hit TV series, which also spawned a spinoff. But to some, one of the best spinoffs in the series was the birth of the Walking Dead titles that came from TellTale Games. The series has […]

“Old Rick” Will Be Explained In Seasons Return

by Todd Blackon July 31, 2017
Walking Dead fans were dealt an interesting twist when the Season 08 trailer was shown at San Diego Comic Con. For at the end, we saw a much older version of Rick Grimes waking up, seemingly pointing to a flashfoward of some sort. Which left many confused as to what’s really going on. Well, at […]

SDCC 2017: Robert Kirkman To End The Walking Dead Comic

by Todd Blackon July 21, 2017
When you talk about successful comic book runs, you often look at those who penned or drew a specific section of the life of the characters. For the Walking Dead, it’s always been Robert Kirkman’s comic, that’s why he was brought in to make the TV series and the spinoff. But all good things must […]