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Review: Far Cry 3

by Chris Pearsonon January 3, 2013
Far Cry 3 is a must have for fans of the open world or shooter genres. The gunplay is great, the world is one of the best we’ve seen in years, and the game as a whole, even if you were to discount multiplayer entirely, is well worth the purchase price.

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Review: Darksiders 2

by on August 23, 2012
The original Darksiders, released back in 2010, was an eclectic blend of everything from God of War to Portal. While Darksider’s story, setting and presentation were all top notch, many of the basic gameplay elements felt somewhat parred down in comparison to its many inspirations. So after plenty of hype and lots of media attention, […]

Darksiders 2 Behind the Mask Trailer

by on July 19, 2012
In this awesome trailer from Darksiders developers Vigil Games, we get to see the many ways in which we’ll be able to create our own unique version of death through leveling up and an extensive loot system. This is probably the best new feature they’ve added as it should really give you a reason to […]

Darksiders 2 Behind the Mask Dev Diary #3

by on May 10, 2012
In this latest developer diary from THQ and Vigil Games, we get a better look at new protagonist Death and his motivations. Essentially, he wants to erase the supposed crimes of his brother by bringing all of mankind back to life. How he intends to accomplish this is beyond me, but I can’t wait to […]

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Darksiders II Delayed to August

by on April 18, 2012
According to a blog post on Darksiders II’s official website, the game’s release has been pushed back from June to August. This of course makes me incredibly sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I wont be able to play it as soon as I’d hoped, and happy that the game will be getting […]

Darksiders II Collector’s and Limited Editions Announced

by on March 5, 2012
THQ has just announced that Darksiders II will be available in both Limited and Collector’s editon forms. The Limited edition is available to anyone who pre-orders the game and it comes with a voucher for the Argul’s Tomb DLC. Thankfully, unlike many other publishers who love to cut content and then resell it to you […]

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Warp Begins Teleporting to Players This February

by Dean Amondon January 23, 2012
This highly anticipated Indie game is coming to a variety of digital platforms very soon! Hit the jump for more info.

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Rumour: Rocksteady Working On Mature TMNT Title For Xbox 360, PS3 & Wii U?

by Andy Whitefieldon January 23, 2012
This rumour comes from the same source that said ‘Retro Studios’ is working on something that everyone wants them to work on…

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Nintendo Provides Free Wi-Fi On Your 3DS At UK’s Major Airports, Via Boingo!

by Andy Whitefieldon January 23, 2012
Connecting your Nintendo 3DS to the internet has never been easier  

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Mass Effect 3 DLC Included with Action Figures

by Daniel Flatton January 23, 2012
Making it the most expensive DLC ever, each action figure being offered by Big Fish Toys in the Mass Effect line up will have cards featuring codes for use in Mass Effect 3. Each figure is going to put you back either $17.99 per figure or a set of four for $67.99. Better yet you […]

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Review: All Zombies Must Die (PS3)

by Jameson January 23, 2012
Does All Zombies Must Die join the ranks of elite zombie shooters, or is this infected mess better left to rot? Check out our full review after the break.

Rumor: Syphon Filter 4 & God of War IV to be unveiled in February

by 1Robert Strickon January 23, 2012
According to the  UK-based gaming publication PLAY, two new exclusive PS3 titles are rumored to be announced sometime in February. Syphon Filter 4 has been rumored for what seems like the entire generation, while God of War IV is a matter of when and not if.