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Some Thoughts On Google Reader’s Impending Death

by Karl Olsonon March 14, 2013
With out much fanfare, and in spite of the fact that Google has various other vestigial services and products that haven’t gained any mainstream adoption or traction (Google+ is being crushed by Tumblr for coolness, and on that note, why isn’t Orkut jammed into Google+ yet?) the company has decided to kill one of my […]

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Nintendo Aquires Mobiclip!

by Eileen Cruzon February 12, 2012
Hmm…. Now why would they acquire a Research and Development center?   Discuss on our forums

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PlayStation Vita System Update 1.60

by Eileen Cruzon February 8, 2012
The PlayStation Vita has been updated to system software 1.60 today and we have the full changelog. Discuss on our forums

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Prepare For the Arrival of ‘The Last Story’ Exclusively on Wii

by Eileen Cruzon February 6, 2012
Ahead of the much anticipated European launch of The Last Story on 24th February fans can check out a new website, Iwata Asks interview and videos! Discuss on our forums

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Brick-Force Closed Beta Will Begin This Month

by Eileen Cruzon February 2, 2012
The Berlin based publisher and developer Infernum announced today the start date of the closed beta for its sandbox shooter, Brick-Force. Selected players will be able to experience the sandbox shooter starting February 28th. The open beta and official release of the online game will follow in the spring. Discuss on our forums

New TERA Information Emerges – Beta and Pre-order Details

by Eileen Cruzon February 2, 2012
Starting on February 4th 2012, players will be able to jump into the world of TERA and those who have a special access key will be able to experience the thrill of true action combat. Keys will be distributed by various media outlets in Europe, and through the official TERA community website The sneak […]

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Award Winning 3D Animation Magic Piano Coming to Nintendo Video

by Eileen Cruzon January 30, 2012
Exclusive Magic Piano, Kirby TV and Star Wars content available for free in 3D, on your Nintendo 3DS™   Discuss on our forums

Why I Love Achievements/Trophies

by Eileen Cruzon January 30, 2012
With all the terrible missteps of the most recent generation of gaming it’s sometimes hard to remember the awesome stuff that the 360, PS3 and Wii have brought us. My favorite of the bunch has to be, hands down, Achievements. While the updated graphics, the addition of Netflix and Hulu, and the great push for […]

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Europe: ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Out Now!

by Eileen Cruzon January 27, 2012
From today, shops across Europe are stocking a slice of spine-tingling survival horror for you to experience on-the-go: Resident Evil Revelations is out now, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Discuss on our forums

PlayStation Store US Update – 1-24-12

by Eileen Cruzon January 24, 2012
The Capcom Super Pack is on sale for Plus members and Scarygirl makes its way to the store in this week’s PlayStation Store update! Discuss on our forums

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Nintendo Provides Free Wi-Fi On Your 3DS At UK’s Major Airports, Via Boingo!

by Eileen Cruzon January 23, 2012
Connecting your Nintendo 3DS to the internet has never been easier   Discuss on our forums

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‘Project Cars’ (Still) Heading To Wii U

by Eileen Cruzon January 22, 2012
The beautiful looking racing game is still scheduled to hit the Wii U… Discuss on our forums