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Xbox Game Pass Gets Gears Of War 4 Amongst Other New Titles

by Nathan Gibsonon November 22, 2017
Microsoft has revealed the latest titles that are set to be added to the Xbox Game Pass in December. The company has slowly been adding more games to the service over the past few months since its launch and even with a few removals the current selection includes 152 titles. The most high profile addition […]

New Minecraft Update Improves Water Environments And Adds New Content

by Nathan Gibsonon November 21, 2017
Minecraft is set to receive one of its biggest ever updates next Spring. The Update Aquatic will completely overhaul water environments within the game, making the oceans a much more compelling space to explore. According to the developers, one of the main changes that is being made is to how enemies, objects, and material is […]

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network App Has Launched On Xbox One

by Todd Blackon November 14, 2017
Cartoon Network has launched the Emmy® Award-winning Cartoon Network app on Xbox One, allowing fans to stream their favorite Cartoon Network shows seamlessly from consoles. The app is free to download today via the Xbox Games Store. The Cartoon Network app puts the best of Cartoon Network’s wide array of original programming all in one place, […]

N++ Review

by Nathan Gibsonon November 13, 2017
N+ was one of the most highly acclaimed indie platformers of the last generation. With its deceptively simple controls and concept, it managed to dazzle players across the Xbox Live Arcade and other platforms. Thanks to a distinctive style and increasingly complex levels it was also able to become a game that critics recommended to […]


Black Friday: Wal-Mart’s Sales And Offerings

by Peter Paltridgeon November 10, 2017
Wal-Mart is the next big box store to leak their Black Friday ad, so let’s see how cheap the games are there. Like Best Buy and Target, Wal-Mart will also be selling the 500GB XBox One S for $189 (currently Target has the lead here with the addition of a $25 gift card). They’re also […]


Black Friday: Target’s Sales And Offerings

by Peter Paltridgeon November 10, 2017
This year’s Black Friday video game sales from Target, console-wise, are similar to what we saw offered from Best Buy yesterday. This is typical — most retailers will cut the prices of big-ticket items comparatively close to one another. Let’s see what we can get. The Xbox One S 500GB console is $189.99, just like […]

Cuphead: The Popgeeks Review

by Peter Paltridgeon October 29, 2017
I will say one thing about Cuphead — it is incredibly easy. In fact it must be the easiest game ever made. I beat the first twelve bosses blindfolded, operating the controller with my feet while on Ambien. My cat beat the next five. There are games starring Elmo that are harder than this, especially […]

Games With Gold Titles For November Revealed

by Nathan Gibsonon October 28, 2017
The games that will be part of Games With Gold for November have been announced. Each of the titles will be available to download and play for free for anyone with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. The Xbox One games for the month will be Trackmania Turbo, which will be available for all of […]

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New Consoles May Be $150 Or Lower On Black Friday

by Peter Paltridgeon October 27, 2017
Every November, Popgeeks tells you how much stores want for their video game consoles on Black Friday. We’re bringing this up because a store actually leaked their Black Friday ad today, the 27th of October (you wouldn’t create one this early if you didn’t intend to leak it). There are two possible reasons. One is […]


NUMANTIA Is Out Today For PS4 And PC

by Peter Paltridgeon October 25, 2017
You may not have heard of the Numantine War, but you’ve more likely heard of NUMANTIA, the new strategy game that puts history at your control. It’s out today for Playstation 4 and PC. NUMANTIA is based on a real event that happened over 2000 years ago, The game is set in the Iberian Peninsula […]

New Games Coming To Xbox Game Pass In November

by Nathan Gibsonon October 24, 2017
Following on from their announcement that they would be adding new titles to the Xbox Game Pass every month, Microsoft have revealed the new games coming to the service in November. They include some high profile titles from big franchises. The full list of games includes both Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and […]


XBox One Will Run 13 Original XBox Games Starting Tomorrow

by Peter Paltridgeon October 23, 2017
They promised it would happen, and now it’s about to: the XBox One’s backward compatibility will reach all the way to the original XBox. As with the 360, the process will have to happen a handful of games at a time — when we’re dealing with different processors, it’s the nature of the beast. None […]