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Secrets Of Sega Genesis Programming Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon October 4, 2017
Perhaps no developer pushed the Sega Genesis further than Traveler’s Tales in the mid-90’s. At a time when the Saturn was already on the market, and the Genny was weighed down with a million peripherals designed to slightly enhance its graphics in a competitive world, Traveler’s Tales managed to work tricks out of its native […]

The Flashback Interview: Judy Tenuta

by Johnny Capson March 2, 2017
My next interview subject has many nicknames. Some call her the Love Goddess. Others call her The Petite Flower. Still others refer to her as the Princess Of Panty Shields or the Empress Of Elvis Impersonators. Simply put, she is Judy Tenuta, comedienne, actress, musician and a talent I find to be very underrated. 2017 […]

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Youtube Joins The Streaming Race, Offers Cable Channels

by Peter Paltridgeon February 28, 2017
YouTube revealed today its own plans to enter the expanding market of live TV streaming with its own service, YouTube TV. What makes it unique? Read on… YouTube is employing a different strategy than its competition. For one thing, the selection of channels is somewhat smaller — they have not cut a deal with Viacom […]

YouTube Launches Mobile Streaming

by Nathan Gibsonon February 8, 2017
Even though YouTube has become to go-to destination in terms of video content, the site has been slow to introduce new features in recent times. Services such as Periscope, Facebook, and Twitter have already been allowing their users to stream video content from anywhere using their mobile devices, but YouTube is now jumping fully onboard […]

FIFA YouTube Star Admits Breaking UK Gambling Laws

by Nathan Gibsonon February 7, 2017
A prominent YouTube user who was known for his videos on EA’s FIFA series has been fined after he pleaded guilty to gambling offences. In a first of its kind, Craig Douglas, better known on YouTube as NepentheZ, has been ordered to pay $112,000 for running an illegal website that let players gamble virtual currency […]

Nintendo Switch Will Not Support Video Apps At Launch

by Nathan Gibsonon January 20, 2017
The Nintendo Switch will not offer support for any video apps when it releases on March 3. This marks a departure for the company and will mean players will not be able to stream movies and television shows over the web on their new console. “All of our efforts have gone toward making the Nintendo […]

Stranger Things Gives Out A Halloween Treat

by Peter Paltridgeon October 31, 2016
Netflix still isn’t ready to show us anything from Season 2 of Stranger Things, but on this All Hallow’s Eve night, they did provide us with something: a supposed “archival newsreel from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana.” This should put those complaints about Barb’s disappearance being unnoticed to rest; if this is canon, it made the […]


Computer Uses YouTube To Design Its Own Mario Levels

by Peter Paltridgeon June 28, 2015
Super Mario Maker doesn’t come out until September, but it’s already been rendered obsolete (as have humans). Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have engineered a computer program that watches YouTube Let’s Plays of simple two-dimensional video games, then creates its own level sections based on the knowledge it’s gained. The program studies sprite […]

New Video Shows Nintendo’s Mario Running In Unreal Engine 4

by Peter Paltridgeon June 28, 2015
Awhile back last March, Epic Games made their video game physics engine Unreal Engine 4 free for the public to use, which was an awesomely generous gesture and should help a lot of indie game designers. The caveat is that if you make over $3,000 with the product you created from it, Epic Games must receive a […]

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PS4 Gets YouTube App

by Kevin Priceon October 29, 2014
At long last, the PS4 YouTube app has come. In PS4’s 2.0 update, the YouTube app will be available for download via the PlayStation Store free of charge. The YouTube app allows user to directly upload gameplay footage to the site. Uploading a video clip directly works with the share button, edit it, name it, […]

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Amazon buys Twitch in $970 million deal

by Nathan Gibsonon August 26, 2014
In a move that took the video game  industry completely by surprise, Amazon has announced that it has purchased Twitch in a $970 million cash deal. Reports earlier in the year suggested that Google were set to buy the video game streaming site through their YouTube brand in a similar $1 billion deal. The deal […]

Report – TwitchTV To be Acquired By Youtube

by Jameson May 19, 2014
It seems that video sharing giant, Youtube, is gearing up to expand it’s services with the possible acquisition of popular video game streaming service, Twitch.   According to a report made by Variety, Youtube may have struck a deal to acquire TwitchTV for $1 billion dollars. Their source says that once the agreement is final, […]