The release of Deadpool 2 is now precisely one month away — May 18. That means we get one more trailer, but according to the title and thumbnail, today’s two and a half minute sneak peek is the very last one. What a pity — we were having so much fun together, but all things must come to an end. That being said, it would be just like Deadpool to pull a “Final Trailer After The Final Trailer” stunt. We can only hope.

Deadpool annihilates the fourth wall with gusto. He refers to Josh Brolin’s Cable as “Thanos” — fully aware that Brolin will turn up as the alien despot two weeks from Deadpool 2’s release in Avengers: Infinity War. When someone calls him “a clown dressed up as a sex toy,” Mr. Pool responds with “So dark! You’re sure you’re not from the DC Universe?” Wham!

When I say they saved the very best gag for last, I mean it. The final thirty seconds of this trailer is the best-half-minute we’ve seen out of the movie so far, and it’s going to make the 30-day wait seem like an eternity. It’s got us so hyped. They revealed a surprise member of the X-Force AND HE’S GLORIOUS, YOU GUYS.

Just watch the thing.

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