It’s finally here, and ain’t it purty: our first two minute-long look at the new Tomb Raider movie. Actress Alicia Vikander has officially inherited the heiress from Angelina Jolie and Warner Bros is bringing us on her first adventure.

Those who have played the self-titled reboot from a few years ago will recognize quite a few things in this trailer, from the same villains to some of the same scenarios and even a couple of the same death-defying jumps (we’re assuming Lara won’t become impaled on a branch this time). And those who were afraid Lara would be reduced to a “realistic” whimpering, groaning, suffering husk can rest easy: we see a lot of the original Lara in Vikander’s protrayal here.

The real test will be if Vikander can balance Lara’s classic cockiness with enough vulnerability to make viewers empathize with her. We know Ms. Croft is badass enough to save the world, but for the movie to connect, we need to believe there’s a chance she won’t.

Despite all you see here, the movie is still too far out for a release date, hence the promise of “NEXT YEAR.” We’ll see Lara in 2018.


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