The Flash had an amazing first season, then Season 02 had its ups and downs, and many consider Season 03 to be a waste of potential, especially with the Flashpoint storyline and the bringing in of Kid Flash. One of the things that made seasons 02 and 03 so divisive was that the main villains were speedsters. Zoom and Savitar had to live up to the legacy of Reverse Flash, and they honestly couldn’t do it. So with Season 04, there won’t be a speedster villain, instead, it’ll be a genius one.

This will come in the form of The Thinker, a villain who is a genius on numerous levels and has incredible foresight due to his mind. And this poses a new challenge for The Flash, which is something the team behind the show wanted:

“We really wanted to do something different,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said in a special video for the upcoming season. “We’re positing it as the world’s fastest man versus the world’s fastest mind.”

“We tend to think of the Flash as an athlete, like a runner,” Kreisberg explained. “So much of his previous seasons have been about training harder, ‘I have to run faster,’ but he’s up against a villain this season that he can’t outrun. It’s somebody he has to out-think, and it’s going to take him and Cisco and Caitlin and a few other surprise people to be able to get one step ahead of the Thinker.”

We’ll have to see how well he fairs when The Flash returns October 10th.

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