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While that may seem like an odd statement, we assure you that the context makes it correct. We are only a few weeks away from the Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere and as such, press for the movie and for their arrival in Avengers Infinity War is getting into full swing. Many of the actors sat down with Fandango to talk about their imminent arrival on Earth and meeting the Avengers.

While they admitted that the Guardians of the Galaxy would get along with the Avengers eventually, the team also admitted that in many ways, they’re kind of better than the Avengers. In the sense that they’ve always been the GOTG, whereas the Avengers lineup changes constantly. And more than that, they’re not just allies, or friends, they’re family.

“When we come onto set as the Guardians, we are the Guardians,” Dave Bautista shared. “Anybody stepping onto set with us has to deal with all of us. There are usually one or two Avengers. We are the Guardians, we come as that and carry a scene like that and we do business as usual, which is a lot of chemistry, a lot of interaction amongst ourselves. And the Russos were very encouraging of that. I think we’ve established ourselves and we deserve to be right up there with the Avengers. I think we’re just as strong, if not stronger, as a unit, ‘cause we’re a family.”

Oh, and apparently there will be a rivalry between the two groups, that should be fun!

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