Curious Panda released a new update on the Kickstarter page for the upcoming RPG, The Iron Oath. The new update released today has details on Guild Management in the game.

In The Iron Oath, players will be able recruit and manage the contracts of a guild roster in-game. The game has timespans that can last for centuries, and guilds will lose characters to death, retirement, and even mismanagement. With this in mind, players can recruit new characters for a guild by visiting city hubs in the game world. At a tavern, players will find a list of available adventurers in the city for recruitment. Players can recruit these characters by class, age, experience and contract expectations.

Players can opt to recruit more seasoned or higher-ranked characters for a guild over recruits who are younger and more green to the career. Recruiting more experienced characters will help prevent any potential grinding later in the game. Also, a guild’s reputation will impact recruitment. Some characters may not want to join a guild based on past decisions or actions. Some adventurers will be persuaded by the amount of money that’s offered as well.

Additionally, players can use the Master at Times and Archmage in their Guild Council. Those characters can be sent to find Guild recruits once they are in an assigned region. The process might take a while, and they won’t be able to perform other tasks until they return from their recruitment mission. The Guild Council members will have their own stats, and they are more qualified for recruiting people to the guild.

All characters who join the guild roster are then signed to a contract. The time and salary for a contract will vary for every character and will be based on what’s negotiated during recruitment. There’s also a Loyalty system for the guild. The Loyalty will be a rating of how happy a character is within the guild as a whole. It will be determined by Affinity towards other guild members. The higher the Loyalty for a character, the easier they are to manage. Players can also boost loyalty by taking part with a character’s Loyalty Quest.

The Iron Oath is a new RPG game that’s currently in development. It does not yet have an official release date.

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