The original The Spatials was a sim game with a personality. You built a space station, populated it with workers, explored neighboring planets and built your business, meeting tons of crazy personalities along the way. Now the world of The Spatials has returned with a new sequel about to hit Steam — bigger and more outrageous in every way than the first.

The galaxy the Spatials once knew has changed. The Federation is collapsing, a 5,000-year-old cat is leading a revolution, strange cults are flourishing, and the worst chef of all time is a TV superstar. It’s time for the Spatials to start a new era of science and diplomacy by building the ultimate tourist trap – er … vacation hotspot in the outer reaches of the universe!

  • Reinforce your colony space station with new buildings, staff, and robots.
  • Build spaceships as you explore the galaxy.
  • Forge trade links and defend your allies from enemies.
  • Earn in-game cash by growing your colony’s hospitality business, trading with other civilizations, or plundering planets!
  • Explore a detailed simulation featuring many systems to tinker with – including logistics, manufacturing, research, healthcare, disease, emotional breakdowns, combat, hunger, thirst, cleaning, decay, security, fire, and more.
  • Handle random events that keep you on the edge – including invasions, spies, space monsters, medical emergencies, nosy bureaucrats with unreasonable demands, malfunctions and VIPs.
  • Item and officer progression systems featuring desires, feelings, and minds of their own.

The game has been in Steam Early Access for several months. When it leaves and becomes a solid product it’ll gain new improvements, such as new room styles, new civilizations to find, equippable items for officers, a new class system and much more.

Join the world of The Spatials: Galactology next Wednesday, April 18, on Steam. The game will be 30% off during its first week.

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