Earlier in the year we told you about an upcoming Street Fighter miniatures game and the crowdfunding campaign that would be commencing soon to fund it. That time is now! At 1 PM today, Jasco Games officially launched the Kickstarter for Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game! All the classic characters have been reproduced in small statuesque form, posed in mid-attack.

This isn’t to crowdfund an eventual retail product. The Kickstarter will be the only place the game is ever sold! So if you want it, you have 30 days to act. Says Jasco, “We wanted to make our miniatures so good that even if you didn’t play the game at all, your pledge would still be fully worth it for these impressive works of art alone – and at their Collectors Scale, they are wonderful pieces to display around your home or office!”

The core box set, which is $80, includes Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Zangief, Sagat and Vega figures, and none of the stretch goal content. Upping the pledge to $140 gets you the Boss Expansion, which adds M. Bison and Akuma, plus the items from every stretch goal hit during the campaign.. The current highest tier you can reach is $280 which gets you everything in the lower tiers plus character expansions from Street Fighters Alpha, III, IV and V.

There are rewards for going higher though. With every $40 you add to your pledge, new battle decks can be selected based around SF characters. Jasco is offering over 428 different cards in all!

As we said before, the campaign launched today. The Street Fighter Miniatures Game will be offered for sale until May 4 at 10 PM.

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