Konami announced today they’re finally making another game in the Castlevania series, Grimoire of Souls….but don’t get too excited. It’s still the same Konami that fired Hideo and pulled PT from your hard drive and released a shallow “Metal Gear” game early this year. True to form, their latest Castlevania won’t have any buttons. It’ll be a mobile game.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it will be a sidescrolling 2-D whip-cracking exploration game, as nature intended. It’s also got an all-star cast from Castlevania history — Simon Belmont, Alucard, Maria Renard, Charlotte Aulin and Shanoa will all be playable. It’s nice to see some of the characters introduced during the DS years again. There are also two newcomers, researcher Lucy and secret government agent Genya (if this is the same Genya that appeared in Aria of Sorrow, though, he turned out to be Alucard in disguise…are there two of him now?)

It’s the kinda game we wish we could pay $20 for on Switch, but here we are.

Here’s the unknown: it’s a co-op multiplayer game that supports up to four players. A traditional Castlevania hasn’t been played that way yet. Will the series adapt well, or will it be an awkward fit? We won’t know until it’s in our hands. Another thing we don’t know is the price: free with constant nagging for add-ons, or bought outright? Since games you can actually buy for phones are getting rare, we fear the former.

Like it or not, here it comes. Grimoire of Souls has so far only been announced for Japan and has no release date yet.

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