Check out this new miniatures wargame with big emphasis on the miniature.

It uses some of the tiniest figures we’ve ever seen, but don’t sell them short (no pun intended). Players move robots around the battlefield that span a mere 6mm in height — but these guys can shoot with weaponry so powerful that it completely wrecks the field in one blow. According to the official description, “Take control of the smallest robots, and run amok on the battlefield with explosions so huge that they cause the very ground to shake, obscure your vision and create a fireball so big that it lasts well into the following turns of the game.”

Strategy involves anticipating what blows are coming and maneuvering appropriately. “Will you increase your attack, attempt to dodge incoming fire, run like the wind? Whatever you choose, don’t forget about the resources scattered around the board, these could make or break your game…” Players collect cards and tokens to build strategies and come out ahead of their opponents.

TiRoBEX is available now from Project Good.

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