Total Recall is being made into a tabletop game. We mean the blockbuster mind-screw from 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, not the tepid remake that came out…sometime (it was so forgettable we don’t even remember the year).

It would be cool if the object of this game was to figure out if you’re in a dream or not, but that’s not the approach they took. In fact, the description says outright that it’s a dream. If you’re familiar with the game Good Cop Bad Cop, this is that game only slightly modified with a sci-fi skin (the kind that says “Two Weeks” over and over before its head pops off and explodes).

In the tabletop game, you begin in a Rekall dream armed with a gun, where you are secretly on the Federal Colony or Rebel team. Your objective is to find and eliminate the opposing leader (Kuato or Cohaagen) and you’ll need the help of other players on your team to secure your victory. You can even exit the dream and become a Rekall scientist where you’ll manipulates the dream from the outside to take the win for yourself.

Total Recall was designed by Brian Henk and Clayton Skancke with illustrations by Phillip Simpson, and is being published by Overworld Games. The product doesn’t exist yet — Overworld just made the announcement that it’s under production. A Kickstarter will appear for Total Recall at some point; if you’re intrigued, keep watch on Overworld’s website for announcements.

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