Data miners poking around the Nintendo Switch’s code found something unusual over the weekend: a hidden NES emulator and a fully functional copy of the original NES Golf game. The file was hidden under the name “flog,” which is “golf” backwards.

There is no current method of accessing this game within the Switch firmware (and if somebody came up with one, Nintendo would quickly patch it out). But what the hackers found seems to suggest some things about how Nintendo’s long-planned Nintendo Switch Online library might work. The company’s hinted that their monthly service will provide access to specific titles from their immense library, with special “enhanced” features. And this copy of Golf possesses motion controls.

Two players can play an oldschool Golf game by taking out the attached Joy-Cons and swinging them like clubs. (Playing the traditional way is also allowed.) Every Switch in the entire world has this game hidden inside of it — instructions are listed in both Japanese and English.

Polygon asked Nintendo for comment regarding this discovery, but all they got was a brief “we’re looking into it.” Nintendo Switch Online will launch sometime in early 2018.

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