An unknown object has appeared in the lower left quarter of the Sun. Now objects near the sun are pretty common and are normally moving asteroids, this object appears to be a rather large round object (Size of Jupiter?) with some sort of twister tether string connecting to the sun. A Sun Eater is what I would describe it as. Here are some videos showing the object the last two days, one with it docking and the other showing the object actually leaving.


While some may claim this is some sort of lens error or Sun artifact, I think the recent updated video will prove that claim is wrong.


As you can see, the large orb with what appears to be some sort of tether or twister is blown away by one of the Sun CME blasts, or perhaps it flew away?

This video shows the object from start to end

This could possibly be a prominence cavity that the Sun forms, but I am not 100% sure with the line of tehter that is visible.

UPDATED: Here’s a video that may be describing what the object is.


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  • bleachorange
    April 9, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    I didn’t really see anything in the last video that described or resembled what’s going in in videos one and two. I saw a comment on a coronal cavity, but the coronal cavity (triangle of black when displaying the coronasphere) really looks nothing like the phenomenon in the first 2 videos. Its certainly interesting. And there is certainly some type of funnel shapes, or tentacles, or something in the second video. The whole thing looks like a jellyfish come to land on the sun. If the phenomenon repeats itself, we can study further, and compare the events. If not, this is all the information we’re likely to get.

  • dcn01
    May 4, 2012 at 8:54 am

    the truth is out there,man.

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