Wow videos are just pouring in of last night UFO sighting. Each video show a large circle of lights with a bright one in the middle of it. Some have gone and said that these are LED light Kites, however in most cases those kites are moving due to high winds. The object in each video appears to be staying in the exact same location with some sort of orbital ring around it. Earlier this month the same exact Object was seen, only instead of Brazil it was here in Minnesota. I never got a chance to see that object, but apparently someone manage to get a picture of it. Hit the jump for all the videos and images.

Minnesota Picture:

Brazil UFO sighting (Multiple angels and camera’s)


Why it can’t be a toy (Thanks GLP for the translation below)
at 0:23 he write: that internal spaces don’t got color influence and
there is no body between extremity’s and the core

at 0:34 he write: Core generate energy to the extremity’s
notice the color’s in every stage

at 0:46 he write: perfect spaces between the extremity’s with what looks like cell’s with a core

at 0:56 he write: 45 degrees of inclination impossible to a toy to stay on that high any wind influence will move him or destabilize

These videos are perhaps the most convincing ones i have seen so far considering most are just a small got in the sky.

The only difference is that the one in Minnesota is missing the large light orb in the center. This is either an incredible fake or possible something big is coming. This year has been filled with many UFO sightings.

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