Naughty Dog discusses the story behind Uncharted 3 level Chateau and reveals unused and altered parts at this year’s Pax.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Nathan Drake is headless. There is a reason for this as Nathan Drake head was one of the most complex feature on Drake. There were so many different versions of his head that often it would end up being invisible.

Before the amazing VGA demo of Uncharted 3 level “The Chateau”, Naughty Dog had constructed an entirely different level then the one that was demoed off. At one point in the development of “The Chateau” players would be tasked with draining a lake. This however did not make it into the game as it would have taken to long to drain the lake.

Now the Chateau level was a lot bigger and ended much differently then the final version. In the final version, players would kind out of the burning structure (as you’ll see in the images below). However, in early development it was originally planned to have Drake and Sully exiting out of an opening that lead to the roof. From here, the tower that originally crumbled to the grown would be climbable and your goal would have been to reach the Helicopter. It would then fly over the whole area and crash land, in which Drake and Sully would fall out and cling to a tree that was about to fall. The tree would then fall and Sully and Drake would grab onto a ledge that lead into a cave.

Here are those images (yes Drake is levitating in some of them)

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So why didn’t this make the final cut? Because it was to much and to crazy to even do.

 Here are a bunch of new screen-shots showing of some new puzzles, that would later translate into the final game at different levels. Also some idea of what the Chateau looked like before they actually started adding everything in.

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