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It’s not uncommon for films to have delays and reshoots happen to them, but when it happens to certain films, it does raise eyebrows. Sony shocked many after the success of Spider-Man Homecoming by revealing two spinoff projects in the works, one being a Silver Sable/Black Cat film, and the other being a film about Venom, the rival/villain of Spider-Man. What’s more, Venom was going to be played by Tom Hardy, who has villain experience in many films, including The Dark Knight rises.

But, despite the momentum and greenlight from Sony, the film is already off to a rocky start, as the Omega Underground is reporting that the film is being delayed from its initial production start in September, and is being pushed back all the way until October 23rd. Now, also according to this report, this won’t hurt the potential release date of the film, but you never know with superhero movies.

What separates Venom from the other Spider-Man films is that the director has stated that this will be a film in line with horror more than anything else, which is something that honestly hasn’t been done for a modern superhero film. We’ll just have to see if everything lines up.

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