Here’s a comparison of the same area in Watch Dogs that was shown back at E3 2012 to the final version of the game.

Some key differences is of course the time of day each of them take place in, the E3 looking to be just before night time and the final being at night (dynamic day/night cycle). You’ll notice a lot more weather effects such as wind blowing in the E3 build, whereas with the final version it appears nonexistent. Though once again that could be just due to the fact that weather just wasn’t present.

Also the theater can no longer be entered. This doesn’t come as a surprise as users on reddit watchdogs have pointed this out to be for many areas that were previously shown.

Graphically speaking though, weren’t for the difference in lighting, they appear near identical.

Now you may be wondering why we don’t get a comparison of the exact same mission. Well to be frank with you, many have reported that this mission may not even be in the game. At least the very same one as proven in this video of the final version, posted by Reddit user. There is a club portion, but it may or may not be tied to this specific person.revented. He state sthat the mission is completely different than the one originally shown off.

Here’s a bonus video of the gas station explosion being compared.

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