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Before the Legends of Tomorrow season finale aired last Tuesday, the showrunners hinted that one of the current team members could be leaving by season’s end. That character turned out to be Amaya (Vixen), who departed to her own time of 1942, to protect her home country of Zambesi. Given the position she was in, it seemed like the only thing to do.

But wait, wait–what’s this we’re hearing? Rumors of her permanent departure have been greatly exaggerated.

“Yes, Maisie [Richardson-Sellers, Amaya’s actor] will absolutely be back,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said to EW.com, originally in one of their podcasts. “We just felt like we owed it to the character to complete this arc, complete this story loop that we got her in. Once we took her off of her path in 1942, it was always incumbent upon us to return her to that path. That was something that hung over us as writers, and hung over the character.”

But hold the phone — wasn’t her mind erased at the end? She won’t remember anything about the Legends, the Waverider or time travel. We’re not sure how the writers plan to take that back — perhaps Gideon has a “mind un-eraser” machine like in Men in Black 2.

Is Guggenheim talking about a regular role again, or just special appearances? All questions will be answered in a few months at SDCC. “I’m looking forward to a different storyline for Amaya next year. We’ll reveal our plans for Maisie’s character at Comic-Con this year.”

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