Say what you will about Fox and their slate of superhero films, but they aren’t afraid to go bold with their choices, especially since Deadpool was a major hit in theaters. For not only are they doing Deadpool 2 (in production now) but Deadline has confirmed that an X-Force film has not only been greenlit, it has a director in the form of Drew Goddard.

For those who don’t know, X-Force is a group of mutants who go on the most dangerous missions, and face the darkest and most dangerous of foes, especially ones that threaten mutantkind. What’s more, the X-Force is known for being a literal kill squad. It was first created by Cable, who is being brought into the X-Men universe via Deadpool 2. What’s more, the film will star Cable and Deadpool, and focus on them above all.

What’s important about this reveal is that X-Force is a film that fans have wanted for some time, but never happened. And then, actor Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, noted in an interview that once Deadpool got made and a sequel was confirmed, his “top priority” was to get an X-Force film made. Guess he got his wish. No word on a potential release date/window for it yet.

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