Marvel Comics recently announced some new details of the upcoming new X-Men comic titles for the X-Men ResurrXion line. This includes a new trailer for the new books, which include X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, Generation X, Weapon X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Cable, Old Man Logan, All-New Wolverine and Astonishing X-Men. The books are stated to launch this spring.

This new line of books is described by Marvel as a “bright new tomorrow” for the Children of the Atom aka the X-Men. The books will be ongoing and will hopefully be a reset and brand new beginning for Marvel’s band of merry mutants. How all of this will pan out remains to be seen. But a revived commitment to the X-Men comics line sounds like good news overall. The new books start rolling out in April with X-Men Gold No. 1 and X-Men Blue No. 1, which will be available at comic shops and on digital devices.

The new stories are set after a war with the Inhumans. Now, the X-Men are regrouping for a new era of “action and excitement.” Granted, seeing “Old Man Logan” involved with the current era of the group is a bit weird. Hopefully, the new books mean a new animated show featuring the X-Men could happen again sooner or later.

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