Google’s April Fools gag for 2015 has launched a day early, because it was just too good to keep under wraps. If you surf over to Google Maps and zoom into a major city, you may find a Pac-Man button on the lower left side of your screen. Select it, and the map turns into a playable Pac-Man game! Chomp-tastic!

The only downside is that the Pac-Man function doesn’t work everywhere. It would be nice if you could chase ghosts in front of your own farm, but the feature is restricted to major cities with lots of twists and turns.

pacman1Here is Pac-Man in my own neighborhood. Pretty straightforward. I haven’t tried it downtown yet, but if they want to be accurate to Portland, over half of those paths will be one-way only.

vz8qnwmnedmw3z7wsycdThis is the game when you visit Boston. Once the roads start curling and twisting, it gets tricky.

pacman2Especially when you get further into Boston. Maybe this should be sold as a real game.

pacman3Newark Airport: not a good place to get trapped.

totksrjke8dokerf7jbaAtlanta, Georgia: just try to complete THIS one.

The worldwide version of Pac-Man will vanish once April 2 rolls around, so forget everything important in your life and take this rare opportunity to play a game so big it’s literally the size of the Earth (minus oceans).

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