The Aquaman film is the solo live-action movie to come from DC Comics this year. And given the success that Marvel is no doubt going to have this year (Black Panther is already off to a $200 million+ start, and you know Infinity War will do something similar), there’s a lot of pressure on it to do well. James Wan is promising an epic story, and the film has a lot of potential with the characters they’ve already announced for it. But there will be one key change from the comics.

For you see, we know that Mera is in the film, who will be Aquaman’s eventual wife. We also know that King Nereus of Xebel will be in the film, and played by Dolph Lundgren. In the comics, Nereus is Mera’s former husband, but now, according to Lundgren, they’re going to take a different relationship.

“It is good to be king. Basically, I try to keep the peace down there along with Amber Heard, who plays my daughter,” Lundgren said to the Las Vegas Review Journal. “She’s trying to convince me to join the right side. Then you have Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother. We’re trying to avoid war between the surface [dwellers] and the people of Atlantis.”

Now, this is interesting, as Mera said in Justice League that Queen Atlanna took her in and raised her, so how does Nereus fit into all of this? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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