Dontnod Entertainment, the programmers behind Life Is Strange, have been working on a new game called Vampyr for a few years. In the game you play as an early 20th century English doctor cursed with vampirism, searching for answers while looking for ways to curb his deadly appetite.

Vampyr is almost finished, and Dontnod has been publishing behind-the-scenes videos hyping that fact. Their fourth and final episode goes into how the game’s storyline works in tandem with its gameplay for a (hopefully) immersive experience. This video also reveals, for the first time, the game’s specific release date.

Watch for Vampyr on store shelves June 5, for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. But before then, watch this video:

As Narrative Director St├ęphane Beauverger explains, the player is often occupied with Vampyr’s intricate gameplay systems. Because of this, the exploration, investigations, citizen encounters, combat and hard-hitting choices are all fundamentally intertwined with the game’s narrative. Game Director Philippe Moreau elaborates, saying that the relationship between a player and their character, as well as the direct feeling of control, is unique to games and something he has worked to make special in Vampyr.


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