Rumors of Brian Michael Bendis’s departure from Marvel have been greatly exaggerated! Sure, he’s not working with the comics anymore, but he’s still attached to the characters film-wise. (And given the state of the DC Cinematic Universe compared to Marvel’s, why wouldn’t he take that option?)

Deadline reports that the hairless man is currently working on a “secret movie project” set in the X-Men universe, currently referred to by the code name 143. As for what that could mean, THR claims to have a source that says the proposed flick revolves around Kitty Pryde, and issue 143 of The Uncanny X-Men also revolved around Kitty Pryde. The plot of that issue was Kitty trapped alone in the X-Mansion with a fierce alien creature. Is that the story BMB wants to commit to film?

Time will tell if Fox wants a mutant-powered Alien knockoff (they have the original, don’t they?) Brian is currently writing the script to “143” and Tim Miller, who recently directed Deadpool, has signed on to direct this one.

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