Capcom, Sega, and Namco Bandai have revealed their upcoming cross over title.

The game has been given a title of Project Cross Zone (may change in the future) and will release for the 3DS. As for the genre, the title is said to be a simulation RPG. Down below is a list of just some of the few characters from each company that can be expected in this title.


Demitri and Dante
Ryu & Ken Masters
X & Zero
Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine


Ichiro Ogami and Sakura Shinguji
Akira Yuki Chen and Pai Chan
Kurt Irving & Riera Maruserisu
Cyrille & Toma and Urara

Namco Bandai

Sanger Somvold
Jin and Ling Xiaoyu
Kos-Mos and T-elos
Yuri Lowell & Estellise
Kite and Black Rose

And according to Sinobi, the trailer will be released sometime towards the end of April.

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