Fighting games are meant to be high-impact and brutal, but some games take it farther than others. But even then, there’s still dignity in them, but with this fighting game, they don’t care about that. Welcome to GUTS, the first ever limb slicing fighting game.

GUTS takes the traditional fighting mechanics you are used to and replaces it with the goal of slicing off your opponent’s limbs. Carve through your opponent with your own limb-dismembering weapons attached to your character’s body and deadly environmental hazards. Even if you’re missing two legs, you’ll be surprised at the amount of damage you can still do when you manage to slash off your opponent’s arms to even the match. Think Mortal Kombat violence with Happy Tree Friends’ bloody humor.”

The team didn’t just want to make a regular fighting game with an interesting mechanic. Rather, they wanted to make something that everyone could play and have a good time doing.

“Throughout development we’ve been overwhelmed by the support from both the fighting game community and more casual players who’ve always been interested in the genre, but were hesitant to play fighters due to high barriers of entry,” said Paulo Santos, Founder of Flux Game Studio. “The community has been highly-anticipating launch and we are proud to finally be able to offer the gaming world an innovative fighter that can be played at any level by anyone. But most importantly, it’s a really hilarious and fun game that lets you chop off limbs and mock your friends.”

GUTS is available on Steam now.

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