Tiny RTS is a video game company founded last year by Ken Florentino and Curtis Socha. They plan to make their bread and butter real-time strategy games set in space, and their first release has just reached Steam Early Access: Dominari Tournament.

Similar in execution to games like Starcraft, Dominari Tournament puts you in charge of a fleet of ships with one goal: domination of your corner of the galaxy, and possibly beyond. To do this you’ll have to build up your resources and your army by conquering planets. The more you bring under your rule, the bigger targets you can take on.

* Battle in fast-paced one-on-one multiplayer wars against enemies online or an intelligent A.I. computer offline.
* Activate, upgrade, and combine special abilities – from devastating stryker missiles to resource management support upgrades.
* Execute strategic moves to get the upper hand in battle: Without RNG, skill is required to win.
* Explore and expand a massive solar system by acquiring multiple planets.
* Experience a new and exciting battle every time with randomized symmetric maps, sophisticated AI, and exceedingly high replay value.

“With Dominari Tournament, we wanted to make a strategy game that never gets old no matter how many times you play,” says Florentino, the co-founder of Tiny RTS. “We built the game of our dreams – an RTS that can be played in about the same time as a round of blitz chess while still incorporating the twitch gameplay found in genre staples like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. We’re now finally ready to share Dominari Tournament with the world!”

You can get into Dominari Tournament today on Steam Early Access, for a special discounted entry fee of $9.87. The game will revert to its intended price of $12.99 on March 15.

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