From chatting to one of the Polygon peeps, we’ve learned that PlayStation 4 consumers will be able to replace the console’s internal HDD for a greater capacity drive.

According to a Sony representative speaking at E3, the next generation platform will ship with a none-too-shabby 500GB drive on which to store game saves, music, films and downloads. However, should you want to beef it up to hold even more data, you can install any compatible third party SATA drive hassle-free.

Though specific instructions on how to perform this upgrade have yet to be disclosed, we suspect it will be as easy as this:

Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One will also be able to increase how much data they can store in the same way, but only by installing a proprietary Microsoft unit, we’re told. As per current generation consoles, both PS4 and XB1 will allow you to connect external storage devices via USB.

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