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Mario 64 modder Kaze Emanuar is back at it again! Previously he brought the Super Mario Odyssey hat trick into Mario 64. Then he introduced a robust level editor to the game. Now he’s created an online mode!

Once you connect to a remote server, up to 24 players can simultaneously play a Mario 64 game at once. You can control any of the characters found in Super Mario 64 DS (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Wario) as well as some new ones: Peach (who has a similar floating ability to her appearance in Super Mario 3D World), Toad, and even Waluigi and Rosalina, who didn’t have character models in Mario 64 up to this point (Kaze took care of that).

As with all unofficial projects, there’s no way to tell how long Super Mario 64 Online will stay active before Nintendo C&Ds it. Kaze has had one such project brought down before: Last Impact, a full sequel to Mario 64 with new environments and enemies. However, other projects like Mario 64 Maker are still around. If you’d like to play Mario 64 Online, you’d be wise to find time for it soon. Visit the official website to get started. Here we gooooo!

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