A GameFAQs forum member, known only as ‘AP15’, claims to have received his issue of December’s Game Informer early, and has publicised the new details it contains regarding Grand Theft Auto V on worldwide web.

With your convenience in mind, we have summarised the important points below:

  • You will play as Albert De Silva, a half-American, half-Puerto Rican citizen of Los Santos
  • He is 42 years old, has an ex-wife and two children
  • Middle-aged Albert is drawn into a life of crime in pursuit of financial stability – a plot idea that may have been influenced by Vince Gilligan’s hit series Breaking Bad
  • You will also play as Dougie Vejo, a younger criminal
  • Cul-de-sac Grove Street, home to GTA: San Andreas’ Sean “Sweet” Johnson and Carl “CJ” Johnson, will make a return. These two characters, however, will not
  • One or more individuals from GTA IV could make a special appearance
  • The option to purchase properties, which featured in past GTA games, is back, as is car customisation
  • Players will be able to change Albert and Dougie’s clothes and hair/facial hair
  • New mini-games will include golf, tennis and surfing
  • Game Informer has played a mission called “Alimony”, which involves a jewellery store robbery that featured in the game’s official reveal trailer

AP15 closes his post by saying that he’ll have “more info soon”, so you might want to bookmark his thread and check it for updates regularly.

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UPDATE (November 6th, 2012): in response to tweets from gamers questioning the legitimacy of the above, Game Informer’s Managing Editor Matt Bertz has debunked this information. Sorry guys, but it’s “bogus“.

Baaaaaaad AP15… 

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