Guardians of the Galaxy, the film anyway, was a hit largely in part to the vision of director James Gunn. Not surprisingly, it’s his vision that is making Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And early is making it be believed that that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will also happen. Even James Gunn thinks so as he told Complex:

“There will be a Guardians 3, that’s for sure. We’re trying to figure it out.”

However, Gunn is unsure whether he himself will be around for it:

“I’m trying to figure out what I want to do really, that’s all it is. I got to figure out where I want to be, what I want to spend the next three years of my life doing. You know, I’m going to make another big movie; is it the Guardians or something else?”

The Guardians of the Galaxy will be in the next Avengers film, Infinity War, and Gun notes that they won’t be simple cameos or “bit parts”:

“I don’t think we should overstate things that it is an Avengers movie, but the Guardians are a part of the cosmic universe, they’re a part of [Infinity War antagonist] Thanos’ stories, so, they are in there, and they have, not the biggest, but, an integral part to that.”

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