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So let’s recap, shall we? A couple years back, Marvel unveiled their slate for Phase 3 films, one of them was the Inhumans. But then, during Agents of Shield (a TV series connected to the MCU), the Inhumans were brought in, including the reveal of major Inhuman Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. This made many wonder whether the Inhuman movie would happen. Turns out, it wouldn’t or at least, not in the way many expected. It would instead be a limited series that would debut in IMAX before coming to ABC as a miniseries, one that would actually push Agents of Shield’s fifth season to midseason.

Fans were hesitant, but hopeful, but then as art and promos rolled out, that hope dried up. The costumes weren’t top quality (not even Netflix quality, or even AOS quality), and the CGI wasn’t impressive at all. Then, early reviews of the IMAX movie were very low in opinion. And now, that fear has reached ABC, as Variety is stating that ABC is fearing what Inhumans will do when it debuts on the TV screen, as the negative buzz isn’t helping anything. Add to that, the IMAX debut only did $2.6 million. For IMAX? That’s really not good.

So, what will the fate of the series be? It’s hard to tell at present, but it’s not looking like a bright future.

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