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Depending on who you ask, cryptocurrency is either A Surefire Guaranteed Way To Get Incredibly Rich Quick, or a fool’s gold rush. What we do know is that they’re the reason you can’t find a decent PC graphics card for a reasonable price. The few virtual coins that have caught on have been highly volatile and…well, we don’t recommend throwing your son’s entire college fund into it.

MyDream Interactive has announced AllMine, a 3D mining game where the material you dig up is intended to have real-world value. Whether it actually will or not remains to be seen. It uses a new cryptocurrency called Jewelz, which is designed to be less processor-intensive than Bitcoin and others like it. Of course, the whole reason Bitcoin was able to maintain artificial value in the first place was because it was so difficult to generate. I want graphics cards to be affordable again too, but if obtaining Jewelz is too easy, it’ll be as valuable as tap water.

Fortunately, even if Jewelz turns out to be worthless, it will always hold some value within the game, so it’s not completely pointless to mine it (for entertainment only, not investment purposes). Gameplay is described as “a series of mining-themed tile-matching games used to satisfy the cute, whimsical creatures known as Adoraboos, who live in a funny and edgy world of discovery.

We’re in new and uncharted territory here, so we can’t say with confidence that gaming-based cryptocurrency will work. Being able to buy a car with rupees from Zelda would be nice, though. AllMine is scheduled to come out in the third quarter of 2018. The game will be demonstrated for the public for the first time at GDC 2018.

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