Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén met each other on the same roleplaying group back in 1981. Soon after they decided to team up and create their own tabletop games, and soon became major players in the Swedish RPG scene. In the 90s they created KULT, a horror tabletop experience that has since become a cult classic (befitting its name).

Jonsson and Petersén are still at it, and today they’re working on Death Is Only The Beginning, a new novel set in the KULT universe they created. They’re crowdfunding the printing costs, and the Kickstarter is active.

Amanda Serner casts black Jersey barriers in her Kreuzberg studio. Her grandfather wades through barbed wire in hell. A golden beetle climbs toward the ceiling in Hauptbahnhof. And somewhere in the big city, a plaza opens amid crumbling ruins.

Berlin in the summer of 2017 is a city where reality is starting to fall apart. The old capital of the Prince-Electors is the border between the world we know and the world we have chosen to forget. In abandoned buildings covered by graffiti, doors are opening into the metropolis left behind by humanity. Beneath the villas at Wannsee, a black citadel appears. An old hospital built by angels holds secrets from the time when artists tore down walls and defied authority. A Swedish sculptor comes here, searching for inspiration. Instead, she finds the path to Inferno.

If you’d like your own copy of Death Is Only The Beginning, contribute to the Kickstarter by clicking here. The project has already met its funding goal and will be printed and shipped this fall.

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