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There was a time when Star Wars being on a TV screen was impossible (or in the case of the Christmas special…bad). But, via animation, we’ve had not one, not two, but three successful series set in the universe. First came the small Clone Wars episodes, then the full-on Clone Wars series, and finally Rebels, which is going to be ending soon. The ending though has left many wondering whether they’re going to be making another show in the universe.

Well, on LinkedIn, a listing for a job as an “Episodic Director” for Lucasfilm seems to indicate that is the case. Check it out:

“Lucasfilm Animation and creators of the Emmy award winning animation series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and the highly successful animation series “Star Wars: Rebels” are looking for a versatile Production Coordinator to join their production team.

The Episodic Director’s main role is to work closely with all levels of creative production in tandem with the Supervising Director, in order to bring the script to life on our animated television series. The ideal candidate is expected to balance managing all the various aspects of production, while successfully maintaining the highest quality of technical and creative storytelling possible for their respective episodes.”

Now, while that doesn’t necessarily confirm anything, it is none the less intriguing, and that will cause much speculation.

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