Is a board with letters a way to talk to the dead, or is it a just another urban legend?

Ouija boards. The first thing that anyone thinks when thinking of Ouija boards is talking to the dead, or ghosts if you will. How many have actually had this happen? It’s hard to say but, one thing’s for sure; it’s something that sparks a lot of intrigue whenever it’s mentioned.

Admittedly, I’ve never tried using this medium and yet it has always interested me. I guess it’s the unknown and maybe even the stories I’ve heard about it that make me wonder all the more. The Ouija board can be used by a number of people and is very popular among parties. People place their hand on the heart-shaped planchette and ask the spirit questions which are then answered through the “player’s” own movements on the board.

Suffice to say, there’s a lot of controversy in regards to the Ouija board. Some believe, some don’t. Some think that there’s nothing paranormal about it and that whoever is using the board is either voluntarily or subconsciously moving the planchette. Researchers claim that the board movement is nothing more than an ‘ideomoeter response’ – the same idea that is present in the person’s mind is presented on the board, more on that here. A quick google search will tell you that various religious groups believe it’s a tool of Satan and that it’s indeed used to talk to the dead. There’s the other side of course that claims that it allows you to communicate with the deceased however, for good reasons.

With all of these opinions, be it scientific, religious, or popular opinion, it’s easy to think many different things. I believe that there probably is something to this board, I’ve heard so many compelling stories, many from my best friend for it not to be a least a tiny bit plausible. What do you believe? Are the stories real or is it all in your head? Tell us in the comments?

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