Brought to you by Bulkypix and Pastagames, Pix’n Love Rush operates on a very simple premise. Run and jump through to reach the end of the level, collect tokens and avoid the bad guys.

There’s a very basic premise in this game. You are playing Pix the Cat and he wants cake. Your high score helps him buy cake. Awesome.

There are three available play modes. Classic Rush sets you through numerous levels in order to achieve a high score. Cursed Rush has Pix jumping across platforms that fall away as the level scrolls past him. On-Off Rush has pix collecting Day and Night icons depending on what time of day it is. The levels are designed to really make you pay attention and test your reflexes. You could easily find yourself addicted to it in no time at all and that’s helped by some very responsive controls.

The graphics are where this game shines. It perfectly captures the whole retro look. Pix looks like he came right off of your Etch-a-Sketch Animator. The look of the Classic Mode changes depending on your multiplier. It starts out relatively normal, but then emulates the look of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and the classic spinach green of the original Gameboy. ¬†Cursed Rush emulates the look of the old Atari systems. On-Off Rush doesn’t seem to be tied to any particular look, but anyone reading should feel free to correct me on that.

The music is pretty cute too.¬†According to the credits it was done by Sidabitball. It’s fun without being distracting. It effectively captures the fun of the classic games.

I had this game on the iOS and had to get it when it came to the Playstation Network. (Personal preference. I like buttons more than touch screens) It’s a great deal of fun whether you’re in it for the nostalgia or for the legitimately good gameplay.

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