Dinosaurs in Battlefield 3? Could it really happen? Rumours abound that DICE may release a dino DLC pack for the brand new shooter….. but there’s no official word yet one way or the other.

 Ever since a toy dinosaur appeared in the E3 gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3 there have been rumours, theories and arguments being thrown around on the idea that Battlefield 3 will have some sort of dinosaur mode  included, most likely as a form of DLC. 

 Apparently this all started with a 4chan thread about Call of Duty 4 :  Modern Warfare 2 , in which the majority of responses lamented the lack of dinosaurs in the game. You can see an image of it here. Then DICE designer Gustav Halling really got the ball rolling when he tweeted “Did you notice the dinosaur in our E3 BF3 demo?”  with a link to the above image of the discussion thread. And so the conjecture began. 

The argument is that DICE would include a dinosaur mode to help BF3 compete with Activisions Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3, which is expected to affect BF3 sales when it releases in early November.

Of course, there has been no confirmation from DICE on this, but neither has their been a denial. That alone is enough proof  for some conspiracy types. The lack of denial is leading some to see the situation in the same vein as the COD black-ops release last year, where Activision and Treyarch refused to make any comment on the possible existence of zombies in the game.  Well, we all know the truth now…..

  See the E3 gameplay trailer in question below:


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