If collectors of retro video games know one thing, it’s this: Sega CD cases were garbage. They were manufactured cheaply and broke when breathed upon, and as a result of this, it’s hard to find a Sega CD game in the wild that doesn’t come in a cracked case.

What could be done about it? Until now, nothing. The cases Sega used for the Sega CD, and later for the Saturn, were of a weird shape unique to the product (though Sony used something similar for the Playstation’s first year). That’s why Limited Run Games — usually the place to go for print runs of obscure indie titles — is finally coming to our rescue with replacement Sega CD jewel cases. Officially stated reason: “Because we’re crazy.”

Josh Fairhurst, co-founder of Limited Run, shared the first hot off the press image of a new Sega CD jewel case this afternoon on Twitter. “These are made in the US just like the originals and are exactly to spec. We didn’t spare any expense on the molds,” Josh says. “No test shot of the tray piece yet (the black piece) but we should see that soon.”

Now your horrid, scratched, cracked Sega CD collection will no longer offend the sensibilities of your snooty neighbors whenever they come for a visit. The replacement cases are not yet up for sale, so keep watching Limited Run Games on social media for that announcement.

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