Since New York Comic Con, word has been spreading that a new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi would be coming. And a day after the big event, during Monday Night Football, it did indeed come. And oh boy, does it rock.

There’s an infinite number of things to dissect in this trailer. There’s almost a parallel path thing going on in it. For on one hand, we see the darkness continuing to consume Kylo Ren, going so far as to smash the helmet he had in The Force Awakens, and personally lead a space battle against the Resistance, and his mother.

And then, there’s Rey, who is shown training with Luke Skywalker, who is not only afraid of Rey’s apparent power, he’s almost terrified.

All of this leads to a montage of shots showing old and new characters, battles that are going to happen, and the true arrival of Supreme Leader Snoake. What does it all mean? How will this all go? Did that last scene truly mean what we think it does? Guess you’re going to have to watch the trailer and answer that for yourself!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives this Christmas!

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