The latest game from Sam Barlow, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Her Story, will be Telling Lies. The title is set to be a spiritual successor to his previous game, though, it will not feature any of the same story or characters.

While little is known about Telling Lies, Barlow has revealed that he is working with Annapurna Interactive to help produce it. According to the developer, this will allow the new title to keep the same interactive storytelling mechanics seen in Her Story but be significantly expanded in scope thanks to the new partnership.

Telling Lies will feature the same mashup of gameplay and live-action video. However, it will focus on 3 or 4 main characters rather than just one. The game has also been described as a political thriller, meaning players will have to keep track of multiple plotlines and characters as they progress.

Shooting is set to start at the end of 2017, although there is currently no release date.

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